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Avoid These 4 Mistakes When Using Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Pre-employment assessment tests are being integrated into the hiring process of many organizations at an exponential rate. While they help contribute to impressive improvements in reducing turnover and improving productivity, a dose of caution should be included.  Here are 4 tips to help make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck.   Never use pre-employment […]

Quick Answers to FAQs about PeopleClues and Other Pre-Employment Test Systems

PeopleClues is one of the fastest growing pre-employment test systems. As part of its growth, questions come up. Prior to a recent webinar, participants were asked to submit questions.  Many reiterated a few of the frequently asked questions (FAQS) about pre-employment tests.  Below is a list of the questions asked and brief responses. To listen […]

Is the Application Better at Screening Than the Resume?

One of the biggest challenges faced by recruiters and hiring manager is the resu-mess – the tidal wave of unqualified applicants that buries people and overwhelm the process. The screening process typically starts with the candidate completing an application or uploading a resume. But few companies seem to consider the impact one or the other […]

Hire Forward: Past Performance Isn’t Enough

Managers need to hire forward with the future in mind and stop hiring looking in the rear view mirror. Companies and its managers must begin to rely on potential instead of past performance. Here are the reasons why. For centuries, “employee” selection was made based on physical attributes.  To build pyramids, cross oceans, tunnel through mountains, […]