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3 strategies that will change the way you screen One day employees seem to be on the top of the world, firing on all cylinders. The next day their lives and careers implode.  Why does this happen? Why does this happen? A lack of emotional intelligence may provide the answer. Despite extensive research to the […]

Attitude Virus Hacks Workforce Productivity, Cost Millions

This is B. Raking News reporting from WWRN – that’s Whatever Works Right Now! The station that sounds great but never gets results. While hackers worldwide are circulating the Internet and invading your personal accounts, the At-E-2D Virus is infecting your employees. Business owners and managers representing organizations of all sizes across the country are […]

Lies We Believe about Employee Engagement

Thanks to the Gallup organization, employee engagement has become part of nearly every organization’s vocabulary. Gallup and other companies like Deloitte, McKinsey, and BCG highlight the value high employee engagement generates: higher customer satisfaction, more innovation, and faster growth to name a few. Who can argue with results like that? So what’s the problem with […]

Share Your Story! Has a Bad Company Culture Turned You Away?

Many employers are struggling to find qualified workers. An oppressive company culture may be turning away skilled workers and qualified applicants.  I’m seeking your help. If you’ve  been the victim of a bad company culture or negative co-workers and bosses, please share your story. See below for more details Jane started a new job a […]

How Motivated Employees Acquire Work Deficiency Syndrome

How Motivated Employees Acquire Work Deficiency Syndrome

Typically new hires are motivated employees.  They arrive at the workplace with a positive attitude and lots of energy and ambition. But even the most skilled employee lacks some competence while he or she learns new systems and attempts to integrate into company culture.  But what happens after the first few weeks or months on […]

Labor Union Experts Say Money Is No Longer An Issue

Lancaster Sunday News by Gail Rippey September 2, 2001 Today’s labor unions are no longer your father’s image of collective bargaining. “The purpose of unions today is not the same as when they started, to protect workers from the sweatshops,” said Ira Wolfe, owner of Success Performance Solutions, a business consulting firm that studies work […]