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3 strategies that will change the way you screen One day employees seem to be on the top of the world, firing on all cylinders. The next day their lives and careers implode.  Why does this happen? Why does this happen? A lack of emotional intelligence may provide the answer. Despite extensive research to the […]

4 Steps to S.T.O.P Toxic Employees from Ruining Your Company

Advice to deal with toxic employees seem more abundant than sand in a desert. The problem is that without cooperation from the employee you might as well be shoveling with a rake! So let’s begin with the employee or manager who feels his success in life is commensurate with how many people he steps on, […]

Five Lessons Learned From Bad Customer Service

In today’s world where most businesses tend to make excuses or ignore their customers,  I’m pleased to say at least one Hard Rock Cafe manager differentiated himself following a bad experience at one of the chain’s restaurants. This incident offers many important customer service skill lessons for business.  Here are what I believe are the […]