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Sales aptitude tests provided by Success Performance Solutions can help you make better decisions when hiring sales professionals. A sales aptitude test will analyze the personality and ability of a sales professional in order to see if a potential employee has the traits and skill sets necessary to succeed in your sales organization. Pre-employment testing for sales should be a key component of every sales organizations hiring protocols.

Featured in TEDx Rework Inc and The Huffington Post

Success Performance Solutions products for the Sales industry include:

People Clues: Hire thinking.

People clues is a set of leading edge, validated employee assessment tests that measure personality traits, cognitive skills and abilities, and work attitudes.

Assess Systems: Talent Selection. People Development.

ASSESS Selection and Development System is a comprehensive yet flexible web-based employee assessment system that links job performance to an organization’s business goals and objectives.

In Talent Genix: Data Analytics Outcomes

Predictive People Analytics to guide every decision you make about talent acquisition and management.

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