Sales Aptitude Test

A sales aptitude test can be a great equalizer, a way to compare candidates who are similar in other ways. Resumes don’t often tell the whole story.

Why Use Sales Aptitude Testing?

Objective and Accurate

By utilizing sales aptitude tests, you can scientifically determine which salesperson with a group of potential employees is the best fit for your organization. Since sales skill sets can be costly for a company to develop, it is important to know from the start what specific sales skill sets a sales candidate has already.

This is especially helpful when you’re interviewing new or relatively inexperienced salespeople. They don’t yet have a strong sales record, but they may very well have what it takes to grow and eventually succeed in a sales position. If you want candidates who already have the traits you’re looking for, a sales aptitude test will help you find them.

You Will…

  • Make better decisions hiring sales pros
  • Analyze the personality and sales ability of potential employees
  • Create a stronger sales staff
  • Identify top sales potential
  • Generate more revenue for your business

Not Just Sales

You can customize the sales aptitude test for your organization and make it work for you on many levels. You can include questions in your assessment that determine a potential hire’s attitudes towards absenteeism, tardiness, theft, drugs and more. We, at Success Performance Solutions, can help fit you with the right pre-employment testing for sales that will help you determine the best candidate for the job.

SalesMax is used by the most admired companies in every industry. SalesMax is a predictive, well validated, web-based employee testing system that is designed to assess whether your professional sales candidates have the right personality traits to be effective in a consultative sales position. This system can be used via any Internet connection anywhere, anytime, worldwide. The SalesMax System provides immediate results , evaluation and reporting at your site.

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