Leadership Assessment Solutions:
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Uncover future leaders for your organization with our professional leadership
assessment solutions.

Effectively Assess Your Talent and
Their Capacity to Be Leaders

Leaders are the drivers of any organization. Apart from creating and
implementing growth strategies, they also push the limits of innovation and motivate employees to perform better. Unfortunately, a recent study found that CEOs overestimate the strength of their teams, then confidence erodes quickly. Only one-in-three said their organization’s frontline leadership is “very good” or “excellent.” Worse, most organizations don’t know who their best leaders are and aren’t getting high-potentials the development and feedback they need.. With a scarcity of labor and an organization full of untapped talent, getting the right leadership can be a difficult task.

This is where Success Performance Solutions comes in. We can help you
analyze your talent and find future leaders with our proficient and predictive leadership assessments. With our best-in-class leadership tests, we will get to understand the talent you have so you identify and nurture the right people with the right skills to move into leadership roles.

Whether you’re looking to develop current employees, identify your next generation of leaders, or implement your leadership succession plan, we’re experts in leadership development and assessment.

Step 1

Review of Your Organization Needs

Leadership requirements and competencies tend to vary from company to company. To develop the type of leaders you want in your organization, you should first identify the leadership skills that your company culture and the marketplace requires. Our team takes time to evaluate your purpose, values, and leadership style in your organization. This helps us figure out the style and type of leader that will fit in well in your company. It also helps set performance expectations for the new hires.

Step 2

Conduct Leadership Assessment Test

Leadership is multifaceted. Each leader has their strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. But these certainly aren’t always apparent at first glance and very few aspiring or even current leaders have the self-confidence to share them. This is why we offer leadership tests – to measure up your leadership so that you can work towards boosting essential and relevant skills. Our leadership tests include leadership competence, leadership style, emotional intelligence, adaptability quotient, cognitive abilities, quality of motivation, business values, and more.

Step 3

Write a Summary Report of Candidate

After reviewing your company’s purpose, values and administering appropriate online leadership tests, you will receive a comprehensive report comparing your candidates to other top-performing leaders. When used for selection, each report offers recommended interview questions and recommendations for development, should you hire them. For current employees, our development reports include recommendations for improvement and serve as a roadmap for professional development. Not everyone should be hired or promoted but everyone deserves a chance to improve. In a labor environment where growth and opportunity are top-of-mind among candidates of all ages, leadership assessment tests are an excellent and cost-effective way to fast track reskilling and upskilling while retaining top talent longer. Upon request, we also offer virtual presentations on the results to hiring managers, executive teams, and board of directors of individual and team results.

Step 4

Follow-Up with Internal Candidates

Many of our leadership assessments can be delivered directly to the employee because they are written for them, not a psychologist or certified consultant. But questions do come up and employees may be uncomfortable or embarrassed to have a candid conversation with their boss about their results. Every now and then, employees might even become defensive and the manager isn’t prepared to respond. What we’ve found in over 25 years working with clients is that hearing answers from a trained third-party assessment expert gets things back on track quickly. We can follow up with employees upon request and review their assessments in a personal but professional way, giving them the confidence to move forward with their professional leadership development plan.

Why Choose Us?


Success Performance Solutions has been offering leadership assessment solutions since 1996. Its leader and founder Ira S Wolfe is recognized as one of the top global thought leaders in HR, future of work, and leadership. The leadership assessments are recognized as best-in-class. You can trust our expertise in uncovering hidden talent and future leaders from your diverse talent pool.


A quick Google service for leadership assessment services delivers over 755 Million results in less than one-half second! Choosing the right one can be confusing. Success Performance Solutions only recommends leadership tests that are based in science and follow strict psychometric and fair employment guidelines. And we don’t rest on our laurels either. We are always seeking new innovative tools and approaches to help forward thinking organizations identify, select, and develop future leaders.

Custom Services

When it comes to the right leadership assessment, one size does not fit all. We offer a suite of tools from behavioral style and motivation to C-Suite competency tests. Leadership skills required for a start-up may vary from those required in a multi-generation family-owned or a global enterprise business This is why we personalize and customize our leadership tests to suit your organization, industry, and marketplace needs.

Agile and Affordable

No organization has the time or resources anymore for complicated, month-long implementation assessment plans. Our leadership assessment process is easy to implement, convenient to use, with an immediate turnaround on getting leadership test results. We offer multiple solutions to fit your timeline and budget.

Our Comprehensive Leadership Assessment Process

Want to grow your organization’s leadership and talent development capabilities? Look no further than Success Performance Solutions. We’ll help you identify and fast-track the right leaders for your organization so you can grow, innovate and excel in your marketplace
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