Time To Address High Employee Attrition

If your company is a revolving door, these tools can help lower employee attrition

Evidence should guide every decision of the hiring process. Going with your gut just won’t cut it anymore. Most of the time, high attrition comes as a result of a few things. Either you hired the wrong person or you have a terrible manager driving people out of the door. Success Performance Solutions offers a plethora of tools to not only identify these underlying issues, but solve them dead in their tracks.

Reduce staff turnover

Eliminate guesswork

Retain top talent

Know who your next hire should be

Get the right fit for the job

Motivate employees

Predictive People Analytics

IntalentGenix, our predictive people analytics software takes your existing hire data to answer questions like:


Which top performers are most likely to leave your company in the next 18 months?


How much will a wage increase reduce attrition or boost engagement?


Which recruiting sources provide you the most quality new hires?

Pre-Employment Testing

Attrition often begins with hiring the wrong person. If you go with your gut, you’ll find that the ones you thought would perform the best sometimes don’t. pre-employment testing will objectively assess proficiency and cultural fit to eliminate the guesswork in finding the right hire.

Leadership Success Consulting

We have assisted in the selection of the next CEO with an easy to implement, affordable, and fast program to identify potential groundbreakers.

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