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What You Need to Know to Make Sure Your Job Postings Are Included in Google for Jobs

Frustration in filling open jobs is reaching an all-time high. The combination of the lowest unemployment rate since 1969 and the highest quit rates in nearly 2 decades have converged to produce lengthy time-to-fill spans and lower quality of hires.

The feeling of desperation is pervasive – from farms to cities, small business to Wall Street, East to West Coast. It seems no matter what you do you get a boatload of unqualified applicants or none at all.

Making matters even worse, Google launched Google for Jobs in mid-2017 which completely broke the sourcing pipeline for millions of businesses.

But here’s come a solution from the guy that many are calling “The Google Guy.”  Recruiting in the Age of Googlization author Ira S Wolfe has researched and recorded nearly everything you need to know about how Google for Jobs works … and why it’s likely not working for you.  Complete with short (under 10 minutes each) instructional videos, free cheat-sheets and downloads, and access to a private 9-1-1 group, you will immediately have the knowledge and tools you need to make sure your postings are showing up in Google for Jobs search.

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