PeopleClues Leadership and Management Tests

PeopleClues Leadership and Management Reports are typically used by management as a screening tool for potential managers and leaders. This management assessment is the perfect tool to use before promoting hourly employees to team leader and supervisory positions. The low-cost and ease of administration makes our leadership assessment an affordable and efficient way to screen an entire organization to identify bench strength and potential managerial skill gaps.

The report shows a “Good”, “Ok” or “Poor” fit for 6 key personality traits shared by other top performing leaders and managers.

Click to view a sample of the Clues Management personality report. (Supervisor version also available.)

The PeopleClues leadership assessment report is available in 4 versions. Each report provides tips as to how the individual can develop themselves in a management or leadership role:

  • personality based report for supervisors and managers,
  • text versions that describes leadership core competencies for management,
  • text versions that describes leadership core competencies for executives.

The executive and management assessment reports from LeadershipClues will tell you how an individual’s personality traits will affect:

  • Management Report
  • Solving Problems
  • Making Decisions
  • Motivating Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Planning and Time Managment
  • Handling Confrontational Situations
  • Making Presentations

Click to view a sample PeopleClues Leadership/Management report

Executive Report

  • Business Planning and Vision
  • Leading and Managing Employees
  • Selling and Marketing
  • Servicing and Building Internal/External Clients

Click to view a sample PeopleClues Executive report