Perception 360 Performance Appraisal System

Perception 360 is a Web-based assessment designed to meet a variety of needs and applications necessary for increased personal productivity and effectiveness.

Perception 360 is different from other 360˙ feedback companies in one important way. Perception 360 provides real “dual-scale” capabilities.

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For more business survey applications, the single survey survey just doesn’t collect enough information to base accurate decisions on. Without a second scale identifying expectations, the company or individual has no way of knowing if average or even poor performance is of the highest priority?  In other words a rating of 3 might be acceptable for one factor, but be far off the mark if the expectation of the rater is a 5. Click on the image to learn more.

what is dual scale survey
Click on the image to learn why dual scale surveys are better!


For each question we capture two data sets, a ranking and a level of importance. The difference between the two is extremely important, identifying areas for individual and organizational focus. Our “dual scale” (also called “gap analysis”) gives the most accurate results available anywhere today, providing individuals and organizations with insightful information for enhancing leadership skills.

Perception 360 is also…….

  • Easy to administer and process
  • Customizable – create your own 360 questionnaires
  • PC-based reports produced immediately on-site

Perception 360 lets you design your own 360 surveys using our standard questions, writing your own survey questions or simply using our ready-made surveys. Your surveys can contain any number of questions and have an unlimited number of respondents. We do not charge by the number of respondents. You simply pay per target person (each person you wish to receive feedback from others).

Multi-rater or 360 degree feedback is a tool used in many organizations for helping employees at all levels gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs by providing feedback from multiple perspectives — peers, subordinates, managers, and internal and external customers.

Survey Types

Using Perception 360 we can design, configure, and collect the data you need. Here are just a few survey types that have been used:

Performance Management
360 Degree Feedback
Organizational Survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Leadership Effectiveness
Management Effectiveness
Supervisor Effectiveness
Training Effectiveness
Customer Demographics
Customer Satisfaction
Training Needs Analysis
Exit Interview Data

Download sample Perception 360 Leadership Assessment Report.

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