Module 1 Intro to Google for Jobs
Unit 1 Introduction to Google for Jobs
Module 2 Lesson 1: Google vs Indeed
Unit 1 Lesson 1: Comparing Google vs Indeed
Module 3 Lesson 2: How to Submit Jobs to Google
Unit 1 Lesson 2: How to “submit” your jobs to Google for Jobs
Module 4 Lesson 3: Pay to Play vs Free Job Postings
Unit 1 Lesson 3: Pay to Play vs Free Job Postings
Module 5 Lesson 4: Make Google for Jobs Work for You
Unit 1 Lesson 4: Make Google Search Work for You
Module 6 Lesson 5: Direct Integration to Your Career Site
Unit 1 Lesson 5: Direct Integration and Google for Jobs
Module 7 Lesson 6: Pros and Cons
Unit 1 Lesson 6: Pros & Cons of Direct Integration
Module 8 Additional Resources
Unit 1 Google for Jobs Essential Guide
Unit 2 Article: 4 Ways to Turn Google for Jobs into a Competitive Advantage
Unit 3 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
Module 9 How Search Engines Work
Unit 1 How Search Engines Work | Recruitment Marketing 101