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Ability Aq

There are five key factors that predict adaptability at work. The ability to unlearn is the most important, yet 65 percent have low or medium levels. Other factors include grit, resilience, mindset, and mental flexibility.


Nearly half of employees are motivated to prevent failure. Employees that are proactive are best at change. Other factors incluce your Emotional Range, Intra/Extraversion preference, Hope, and Thinking Style.


Nearly half of employees do NOT have positive workplace experiences. Even someone with high adaptive skills and an adaptable personality can struggle if the environment negatively impacts adaptability.

Adaptability is one of the most in-demand skills and yet only 1 in 4 employees has high levels. Discover and improve your adaptability quotient at Success Performance Solutions.


The business landscape is changing rapidly and unpredictably. How much change does your company need to make to remain competitive? Do you need to innovate aggressively or just make a few incremental adjustments? The AQTeam report shines a spotlight on your organization’s capacity to adapt and innovate using predictive dimensions like:

Explore & Transform

Quantifies your organizational and team capacity to disrupt and transform, to identify new possibilities, seek out new ideas for products, services, processes, markets.

Utilize & Improve

Quantifies your organizational and team capacity to exploit existing products, services, processes, markets, to improve value, leverage existing resources.

Change Readiness

Quantify how ready your organization or collective teams are with our intelligent, predictive change readiness score based on the science of human behavior and cognition. It’s an algorithm that does the hard work for you.

Reskill Index

Using smart predictive analytics, we’re now able to predict how likely your organization is to adapt well, to what extent your employees can learn new skills within their environmaent, and how change-ready you are as an organization.

  • Our AI chatbot personality, Aida, makes assessments fun
  • Compare your team’s AQ scores against global averages.
  • Identify specific upskilling and reskilling needs
  • Improve AQ scores with actionable insights
  • Build your employee, team, and company AQ

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