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The accepted premise is that personality is an inherited complex of traits that controlled our behavior in the past, controls it at present and will in the future. Since many of the traits are temporarily fixed and measurable, we can assess people to determine their preferred behavioral styles. The most common is the five-factor model, also known as the “Big Five”, which identifies five personality dimensions called OCEAN:

  • Openness (to experience)
  • Conscientiousness
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeableness
  • Neuroticism

While these five factors have been given various names, we have chosen to label them as CLUES, an easily-remembered acronym that precisely captures their intended usage. These five independent factors, each of which is found to be normally distributed across large groups of adults, are:

Describes the degree to which the individual is persistent, organized and motivated ranging from being highly disciplined and dependable to being carefree and lackadaisical.

Describes the degree to which the person is pleasant and agreeable, ranging from being warm, tolerant, and tactful, to being tough-minded, assertive, skeptical and direct.

Involves the degree to which the person is open to new ideas, is adventurous, ranging from being unstructured, curious, and venturesome, to being predictable, rules oriented, closed, and structured.

Describes the sources and focus of an individual’s emotional energy, ranging from being outgoing, dominant, ambitious, and sociable, to being introverted, shy, and quiet.

Involves the degree to which an individual is emotionally stable and resistant to stress, ranging from being well-adjusted, calm, self-confident, and poised, to being nervous and anxious.

After reviewing the way that we analyzed assessment results, combined with some additional compensation and benefits changes at the company, we were able to reduce turnover by 25 percent in one year.  We attribute much of that improvement to PeopleClues.

Tom Wiederin, Human Resources and Recruiting manager, Mike’s Carwash

Read more about how Mike’s Car Wash (featured in Talent Management) and other clients use PeopleClues and other assessment tests.

PeopleClues assessments offer:

  • Short completion time (7-20 minute average)
  • Straightforward, highly visual assessment results
  • Custom job categories for Restaurants (QSR, Fast Casual, Fine Dining, etc.) and C-Stores
  • Multiple languages (Spanish and English)
  • Scientifically validated, legally defensible results
  • Suggested behavioral interview questions that help the hiring manager dig deeper into particular areas
  • Additional data mining options available from the results of one test taken per participant

With job specific “Job Fit” reports for more than 100 roles, the tests and benchmarking tools identify candidates with an aptitude for service-industry success. Candidates are also compared across industry, role and company standards.

The Science of PeopleClues Assessments: Download a copy of the executive summary of our technical manuals including its development, standardization, and validation.

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