Employment Testing Posts

Employment testing leads to better decision making when considering hiring new employees or promoting internal candidates. An employee test can also be used to test for leadership skills, management ability, general mental abilities, personality fit, attitude, and technical skills such as math, reading, programming and Microsoft Office skills.

Good Employee Selection Takes More Than Hiring A Warm Body

Nearly 15 years ago, I created CriteriaOne® – The Whole Person Approach to Employee Selection. It received a trademark shortly thereafter. The concept behind CriteriaOne® was that it took more than one assessment to evaluate the job fit and potential for a candidate or employee.  Despite the growing complexity of jobs thanks to technology, many […]

What to Do When A Job Applicant Lies on a Pre Employment Test

How do you handle the candidate who lies on his pre employment test? How do you treat an applicant who does not complete the application properly, perhaps leaving out some information because they didn’t feel like filling it out?  Would you ask him to try again, or would you disqualify him from the hiring process? What […]

Pre Employment Tests Help Avoid Hiring Remorse

You’ve likely had occasion after purchasing something to have buyer’s remorse. The same thing happens in business. Managers have buyer’s remorse all the time.  Fortunately pre employments tests can help avoid regret and ensure the candidate you interview is the same one who shows up for work. When it comes to the workplace, employee behaviors […]

From Resume Lies to Employee Theft – Is Honesty on Hiatus?

When a grandmother recently admitted to stealing $280,000 from her employer, she told police she just didn’t have enough money to pay all her credit card bills…and she needed to buy her grandkids some gifts. Her only mistake….”I said things I shouldn’t have said some things to police.” More recently a housekeeper was arrested for […]

Why Good Candidates Fail: Beware the “Dummies Guide to Hiring”

Everyone has an Achilles heel. No one is a perfect match. Circumstances change. Coworkers and team members change. Competitors change. We all reach a point that takes us out of or beyond our comfort zone and natural talent. What was once a perfect match becomes a bit imperfect. Job fit scores tell us how likely […]

Good Customer Skills Soothe Customer Rage

Hiring people with good customer service skills may be more important than companies assume.  Ensuring customer questions and problems don’t evolve into customer rage can be prevented with a few simple steps. It turns out that 85 percent of consumers will retaliate against a company if their customer service needs are not met. Other examples of consumers striking […]

Whole Person Approach Improves Hiring Decisions, Reduces Turnover

Corporal Radar O’Reilly from the incredibly successful television series M.A.S.H. could hear a chopper coming before anyone else. Radar also knew exactly what Col. Blake wanted even before the colonel knew himself. Now I know what many of you thinking. Where can we find more employees like Radar? If I wanted to be your Radar, […]