Employment Testing Posts

Employment testing leads to better decision making when considering hiring new employees or promoting internal candidates. An employee test can also be used to test for leadership skills, management ability, general mental abilities, personality fit, attitude, and technical skills such as math, reading, programming and Microsoft Office skills.

Leadership Competence? Don’t Discard DISC

Many companies are beginning to take leadership competence seriously. But in the transformation, the DISC assessment is often discarded! For those that might be new to either competence or DISC, let me take a few minutes to define each one. Competence is simply the ability to perform a job successfully. Ingredients include abilities, knowledge, skills, […]

Employee Motivation: How to Assess “How” and “Why”

Employee motivation is a term thrown about the workplace like you throw a Frisbee in the park on a sunny day. Sometimes you catch it just right. Other times … it seems to take off with a mind of its own. But before we can talk about how to motivate employees, we first must agree […]

New Proception2 DISC Profiles Now Available

Proception2 DISC Profiles are live!  Redesigning, rewriting, and recalibrating Version 4.0 has been a long and challenging project. But we’re really excited about the new look…and the response of our clients has exceeded expectations. So what’s improved? First of all the new report has a “business” feel and look. The cover page has been redesigned. We’ve put […]

6 More Things Every Manager Should Know about DISC – Part 2

In Part 1 of Twelve Things Every Manager Should Know about DISC, I highlighted when and how DISC got started and how it developed into one of the most popular assessments on the planet. In Part 2, you’ll learn more about how companies use DISC, the many variations of DISC, how it can be used, and […]

12 Things Every Manager Should Know about DISC (Part 1)

DISC is one of the most commonly used and popular employee assessments on the planet.  But as is the case with so many things, success attracts evangelists, dedicated advocates, and passionate naysayers.  This article attempts to set the record straight about what DISC is and isn’t. DISC describes 4 styles of human behavior. It’s a […]

Pre-Hire Assessments: Secret Weapon of Best-in-Class Companies

More and more companies are turning to pre-hire assessments for hiring help. One reason might be that the cost of hiring mistakes has sky-rocketed. Estimates can rise to as much as five times a bad hire’s annual salary, according to Society of Human Resources Management. Whether a termination is involuntary or voluntary or due to […]

Good Employee Selection Takes More Than Hiring A Warm Body

Nearly 15 years ago, I created CriteriaOne® – The Whole Person Approach to Employee Selection. It received a trademark shortly thereafter. The concept behind CriteriaOne® was that it took more than one assessment to evaluate the job fit and potential for a candidate or employee.  Despite the growing complexity of jobs thanks to technology, many […]