Employment Testing Posts

Employment testing leads to better decision making when considering hiring new employees or promoting internal candidates. An employee test can also be used to test for leadership skills, management ability, general mental abilities, personality fit, attitude, and technical skills such as math, reading, programming and Microsoft Office skills.

Looking for Top Performing Salespeople? Read this first!

What are the qualities and abilities top performing salespeople possess? There is one big mistake small business owners make – they assume sales is sales is sales.  First of all, we are living in a dynamic, constantly changing, complex world. The top performing salespeople yesterday may be a flop today.  What he sold and to […]

The 7 Most Common Reasons Why Succession Plans Fail

Faced with changing demographics and skilled worker shortages, many companies will be unable to fill job openings from the CEO to the technician. “The Perfect Labor Storm” has already crippled many organizations. Despite over two decades of warnings about the need to plan succession, many companies have ignored them. In a recent survey by Institute […]

Hire Forward: When Past Performance Isn’t Enough

To hire better, managers need to stop hiring while looking in the rear view mirror. Companies and its managers must begin to rely on future potential instead of past performance. Here are the reasons why. For centuries, “employee” selection was made based on physical attributes.  To build pyramids, cross oceans, tunnel through mountains, build canals, […]

Past Performance Is Out, What is a Credible Hiring Test?

For decades and maybe even centuries, past performance has been a reasonably good predictor of future performance.  It still is if … the job is repetitive and routine.  Unfortunately that limits its use to primarily low-skill-low-pay. But since our world is changing faster than ever before,  job responsibilities and therefore the skills to do the […]