Employment Testing Posts

Employment testing leads to better decision making when considering hiring new employees or promoting internal candidates. An employee test can also be used to test for leadership skills, management ability, general mental abilities, personality fit, attitude, and technical skills such as math, reading, programming and Microsoft Office skills.

Culture fit? There’s an App for that!

Culture fit is very often the determining factor on whether an employee stays at a job long-term. With one out of two workers quitting before 18 months, managers could use some help. Despite years of urging hiring managers and HR professionals to focus employee selection on cultural and team fit, many hiring decisions still ignore […]

Innovation – The Secret Sauce of Creativity and Risk Taking

Some people think innovation is for geniuses.  It’s not. It does however require a basic understanding of creativity and risk taking…  and a desire to shape the future rather than be shaped by it. Events don’t write our future.  It’s our response to those events that determines our future.  Every action we take has the ability […]

Pre Employment Tests – Employers Love’m, Candidates Hate’m

For many job seekers, pre employment tests seem to be just one more hurdle to jump on the road to getting hired. It seems that many candidates feel the “test” is the only thing stopping them from collecting a paycheck. That’s an inaccurate perception – or at least one that shouldn’t be true. When used […]

How to Hire Employees Who Don’t Need A Kick in the Butt

Frustrated with hiring employees who only seem to be motivated when you kick them in the butt? You are not alone! Last night, I overheard a waiter sharing with guests at the next table that he really wanted to be an architect but he wasn’t very good with math. “My brother got all the math […]

Employee Motivation: Beware the Employee Who Gives 110%!

Q: What does the “engaged, happy, productive, efficient” employee have in common with the “disengaged, grouchy, counter-productive, inefficient one” one?  A: Motivation Yes, you read that right – motivation!  How can that be you’re likely asking? Let me explain.  Have you ever heard or spoken the phrase: we want people who are willing to give […]